Castcadia Overview

Castcadia™ is a powerful, scalable, and comprehensive application designed specifically for managing IBM Notes/Domino email broadcast traffic or mass mailings. Castcadia completely automates the processing and delivery of broadcasts, allowing organizations to eliminate inefficient or cumbersome processes and reduce overall support costs.
Feature Highlights
Broadcast Authoring - Documents can be authored in standard email client, with no special database access, or system training requirements.
Enhanced Addressing Features - Powerful recipient list creation features allow addresses to be derived from Domino Directory groups, complex Notes/Domino database queries, SQL sources (via ODBC), LDAP directory groups and queries, and opt-in/opt-out sources. External data (SQL, LDAP) is pulled directly from source. NO IMPORTING NECESSARY.
Broadcast Review & Escalation - Extensive workflow-based review functions move broadcasts through custom defined review loops before delivery, preventing broadcast transmission until approved by proper authorities. Review loops can be disabled to provide auto approval for selected users/groups.
Delivery Scheduling - Broadcasts can be delivered immediately, or scheduled for specific dates and times. Broadcasts can also be configured to repeat at selected intervals or according to custom date lists.
Flexible & Efficient Delivery Architecture - Castcadia moves broadcast delivery traffic outside of the normal Domino routing path, employing a high-performance, multiple delivery point architecture which significantly reduces network bandwidth utilization and contention with regular e-mail.
Delivery Throttles - Provide the capability to control the rate of broadcast delivery (x messages per y minutes).
Mail-merge Personalization - Fully personalize broadcast subject lines and body with content from all Castcadia recipient address sources (Notes/Domino, SQL, LDAP). NO IMPORTING NECESSARY.
HTML/MIME Broadcasting - Send beautiful HTML email newsletters and promotions without Domino rich text to MIME conversion issues. Just create or paste HTML code in the body of a Notes email document and Castcadia delivers a perfectly formatted (text, HTML, or multi-part) MIME email.
Broadcast Authoring Module (Optional) - Provides enhanced features for authoring broadcasts that are not available when using a regular email client: direct selection of broadcast profiles and group maps (no front-end or secondary directory requirements), schedule documents for delivery when document is authored, add individual recipients that are not members of groups addressed, and select pre-defined review paths for document.
Directory Group Builder Module (Optional) - Automatically create and maintain Domino Directory group membership. Membership can be pulled from any Notes database, SQL data sources, and LDAP directories directly (no importing). Groups can be created/updated on a scheduled (daily or selected days of the week) basis. All group types are supported (Mail-only, Access Control List only, etc). Flexible control of group naming, size restrictions, and sub-group management.
Subscription Manager Module (Optional) - Provides opt-in/opt-out capabilities for generating/maintaining mailing lists. Allows users to subscribe to and unsubscribe from mailing lists via simple email subscription request mechanism.
Please check out our features page for additional details, or download and try the Castcadia evaluation version.
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